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Your objectives align with ours:

Partner with us as your SEO agency to capture your B2B audience with precision!
How do you appeal to a demographic that’s strapped for time and demands nothing but the best? Simply having a company blog filled with company updates won’t cut it, that’s a given.

Klara Maschmeyer, along with 287 satisfied clients, have successfully alleviated their Website Project.

We will unearth the ideal search terms for your business for the greatest impact!

Let us assist you in gaining deeper insights into your B2B audience, and deliver the exact solutions they need to finalize a business transaction.

This way, you not only secure your spot in the organic Google search results, but you also attract not just any audience to your B2B organization, but the ones who have a genuine interest.

Intrigued, but seeking proof of success? Take a look at our case studies.

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Initiation meeting through Zoom (about 30 min)
In-depth search term research
Planning of website structure, including main navigation
Password-protected digital resource
Closing meeting via Zoom (1h)
Initiation meeting through Zoom (about 30 min)
In-depth search term research
Planning of website structure, including main navigation
Password-protected digital resource
Closing meeting via Zoom (1h)

Starting price: 4,250 EUR

When is search term research beneficial?

Comprehensive search term research and website structure planning from a specialist agency like Evergreen Media is especially beneficial if you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of these queries:

  • Do you wish to understand the scale of demand relevant to your business and how you can capture this demand with your website?
  • Are you strategizing a new website and require an SEO-focused structure to target your key search terms?
  • Do you want to target more profitable search terms with your current website to boost your organic Google traffic?
  • Do you aim to rectify structural issues and fine-tune your content more effectively?
  • Do you desire to devise a content strategy driven by demand?

Then our search term investigation service is the right investment for your ongoing SEO strategy.


Are you keen on discovering the most profitable search terms for your business and how to effectively target them?

This service provides the perfect groundwork to drive as much organic Google traffic as possible to your website via the most profitable search terms :

  • You will uncover which search terms and subjects are in demand.
  • You gain an understanding of which pages are necessary to target your business-relevant search terms.
  • You get a clear picture of your website’s ideal structure (website structure, URL structure, and navigation)
  • You always know precisely which search terms a page should be optimized for.

Our unique approach

Discover what we prioritize as a search term research firm and what you can anticipate from us.


Strategic Approach

Merely exporting keywords from SEO tools can be done by anyone. Instead, we formulate a strategic method for targeting your most crucial search terms suitable for your company, your business model, your starting position, and your competitive landscape. We only suggest what is feasible.

Custom packages

During our initial meeting, we fully adapt to your needs and desires. Together we establish the parameters that will offer you the most substantial business impact. We always keep your goals and resources in mind

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We count on a reliable and excellently trained team. You can also take advantage of our extensive experience with continuous projects for small, medium-sized, and leading companies in the DACH region.

Search Term Investigation Service - Common Queries

The final cost is contingent on the volume of work your project entails, which is why the starting point is “€4,250”. Naturally, we will provide a quote for your project beforehand.

Yes, we only act in accordance with your wishes. You will naturally be informed if we need to change the path of your website because the competitors would never catch up. You have the last say.

Consider this as an example: Assume that your store is currently engaged in the home décor market. With your current focus, it’s entirely conceivable that you won’t ever be able to win this competition. In this situation, it might be advantageous to concentrate and focus on a narrow field as opposed to a large one. If we take this step with you, we’ll additionally study the specialized market during keyword research in line with that.

Yes. We develop a URL structure for the SEO-relevant sites based on the keyword analysis. Pages that are not relevant for SEO (such as the imprint, data protection statement, about us, etc.) are not included in the URL structure. You can see from the structure exactly which URLs ought to rank for which keywords. You own the finished product and are free to edit it whenever you want.

That is really likely. The majority of the time, existing websites are restructured as part of our SEO package. Of course, we base our recommendations on the information at hand and only suggest modifications that are truly worthwhile. You might need to set the proper 301 redirect as a result for you. Please be aware that the bundle does not include this service.

Your duties will include setting up 301 redirects, crafting texts for search terms, etc. We’ll provide you with the thorough plan. Rest assured, should you encounter issues with the execution, we’re ready to assist with additional packages!

Fortify Your SEO Strategy

Set the stage for the ultimate SEO strategy with the packages listed below.

Born from a desire for self-improvement

In just a few short years, we’ve grown to become one of the most recognized SEO brands in the German-speaking region, providing SEO solutions for multi-billion-dollar corporations. We’re ready and able to do the same for your business!

Sales-driven focus

We’re in this journey with you. Our objective is to ensure our service offers such exceptional value that it leads to an expansion of our partnership year after year.

Primed for highly complex subjects

Whether it’s finance or technology, we have the expertise to craft superior content on any subject matter. All content is produced by our team, yet it feels as though it was created “in-house”. Your brand is secure with us.

Here's How We Offer B2B SEO Support


“Ranked #1 within a month!” Ultimately, the placement of your website in organic search engine results isn’t determined by us, but by Google. We will never guarantee specific rankings within a certain timeframe. This would be dubious. Furthermore, success hinges on other factors beyond our control (the overall marketing strategy, your collaboration, etc.).

“X new leads per month after the initial six weeks!” Successful SEO signifies that your website attracts more qualified organic traffic. However, we cannot and will not assure you that this will automatically translate into more customers. Higher sales or more deals will only materialize if your offering genuinely resonates with your target audience.

“We’re always on hand!” If no one’s answering the phone right now, or you haven’t received a prompt reply to your email, don’t fret. We are always there for you, no matter the circumstances. After a decade plus in the business, we can confidently assert that there’s no such thing as an SEO emergency.

The best course of action is to remain calm and make composed decisions. So, even if you can’t get in touch with us 24/7, rest assured, you are never alone. That’s a promise.

When you choose our continuous SEO support for your B2B company, you’re selecting a comprehensive package.

From goal-setting to strategy formulation, implementation, and consistent monitoring and control, we cover it all.

Here’s a glimpse into how the process works and what you can expect during the different phases:

Kickoff – Getting to know each other, exchanging documents, defining objectives Alignment – Discussing KPIs, competitor analysis, keyword research, establishing site structure Implementation – Developing a (content) strategy, roadmap for OnPage & OnSite, content creation, content design, UX optimization, link building, performance optimization Analysis – Monthly monitoring, controlling & reporting, ongoing prioritization, regular re-evaluation

Here's What You'll Receive B2B marketing operates by different, more complex rules.

It’s crucial to steer clear of hasty decisions.

As your B2B SEO agency, we aid you in the careful execution of your SEO and content marketing strategy, enabling you to achieve and maintain top Google positions for the right search terms.

Here’s an overview of what we mean when we talk about the “complete package”:

What You Can Expect

B2B marketing operates under its unique set of intricate rules. Hence, it’s paramount to abstain from rash decisions.

As a specialized B2B SEO agency, we stand by you in meticulously executing your SEO and content marketing strategies, thereby enabling you to secure and retain leading positions on Google for the most relevant search terms.

What You Can Expect

B2B marketing operates under its unique set of intricate rules. Hence, it’s paramount to abstain from rash decisions.

As a specialized B2B SEO agency, we stand by you in meticulously executing your SEO and content marketing strategies, thereby enabling you to secure and retain leading positions on Google for the most relevant search terms.

Here's a quick overview of our "holistic package":

Complete Strategy and Implementation Support Comprehensive Reporting, Monitoring, and Controlling B2B SEO and Content Marketing With tailored content, demonstrate your understanding of your B2B target audience and their various needs. We assist you in positioning your brand favorably through our unique approach to B2B content marketing.

Your Contact Personnel

The more time spent on a project, the better it’s understood. Hence, we believe in stable teams, enabling you (as far as possible) to work with the same group of 4 professionals for several years.

Your Dedicated Team

The more you immerse yourself in a project, the more intimate your understanding becomes. That’s why we count on consistent teams, so you can (wherever possible) collaborate with the same four professionals over an extended period.

Rest assured, you’re always liaising with a specialist well-versed in their specific area of expertise!

You’ll become acquainted with your personal support team during our kickoff meeting. One member of the team, your designated Client Success Manager, will take ownership of your project and act as your primary point of contact.

When Can You Expect Results?

Typically, the initial results become evident around 6-9 months following the commencement of our services. Depending on the starting situation, this timeline might be shorter or longer.

That’s why it’s crucial to allow for some leeway. If you’re targeting a particular season, we should initiate our services at least six months in advance. Effective SEO demands patience, but the rewards at the end are well worth the wait!

Regardless, one thing is certain:

You will always engage with an expert specializing in their respective service area!

You’ll meet your dedicated support team during the kickoff meeting. One team member, acting as the Client Success Manager, takes responsibility for your project and serves as your primary point of contact.