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Your objectives align with ours:

Let’s join forces to transform your brand into the ultimate resource and the first port of call for your target audience!

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Elevate to a Subject Matter Expert with Our Content Marketing Expertise!

Do you wish to craft content that perfectly caters to your audience’s needs? Do you aim to guide your audience effectively along their customer journey? Are you seeking sustained growth from search engine traffic?

You too can count on a data-driven content marketing approach and content strategy that allows you to carve out a distinctive brand presence, meet your target audience right where they are, and generate a WIN-WIN situation for you and your customers.


We collaborate with you to construct strategic content that showcases your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. This is how we boost your visibility on Google and your reputation among your target audience.

Join us and evolve into the most helpful, and hence, the most invaluable digital brand!

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Content Strategy

These days, everybody is generating content, but very few comprehend the underlying reason. Exceptional content should be highly visible in search engines, resonate with users, and convert them into loyal customers, all while staying true to your brand ethos. Our content strategists collaborate with you to shed light on where the potential lies, how massive it is, and what content is required to meet this demand.

Your Team of 3 Expert Minds

Our robust team of 15 content marketing professionals boasts relevant degrees and specialized training in consumer-centricity and SEO.

User-Centricity + Data = Success

What does your target audience seek? What do they require at this moment? Where are they heading? These crucial questions inform the creation of your website content strategy and your content.

What We Bring to the Table as a Content Marketing Agency

From devising a content strategy, generating content, to promoting the finished product: we leave no stone unturned when it comes to content marketing for your website.

Our decisions are grounded in a solid mix of data and years of practical experience.


Here’s a glimpse of what we mean when we talk about “content marketing”:

  1. Content Strategy
  2. Content Audits
  3. Content Creation
  4. Content Design
  5. Content Distribution &
  6. Marketing
  7. Content Performance &
  8. Optimization

Primed for Highly Complex Subjects

From finance to healthcare, we can produce exceptional content across various topics. While the content is generated externally, it exudes an “in-house” feel. Your brand is in safe hands with us.

When Does a Content Marketing Agency Come in Handy?

A proficient content marketing agency like Evergreen Media® proves to be extremely beneficial if you answer ‘yes’ to one or more of the following questions:

Do you churn out content without a concrete plan, hoping to attain your objectives?
Are you unsure about generating leads or sales via content marketing?
Do you consistently publish blog posts, but see no results?
Do you procure your content from a copywriter exchange, or assign it to interns or student workers?
Is your competition hogging the search engine traffic while your visibility dwindles?
Are leads within your company predominantly generated through sales and word-of-mouth recommendations?
Is there no definitive strategy to produce micro conversions?
Do you require assistance in educational work regarding content?
We not only assist you in creating entry points for your target audience, but also ensure that effective content marketing translates this traffic into value for your business.

What Sets Our Approach Apart

Discover what we prioritize as a content marketing agency and what we promise to deliver.

Aiming for Business Impact

A brand represents a business, and a business needs to be profitable. We don’t just focus on your brand, but also scrutinize the market demand and your business model. This allows us to identify the content investments that will reap significant benefits for you.

Customer Centricity at Our Core

We assist you in integrating customer centricity into the very fabric of your organization. With us, you’ll understand your customers’ needs and the type of content necessary to perfectly engage your target audience. This leads to content investments that provide a sustained return on investment.

Benefit from Years of Expertise

We lean on a dependable and highly skilled team. You can gain from our extensive experience with ongoing projects for small, medium-sized, and leading companies in the Dominican Republic.

Our Expertise Categorized by Content Formats

We commonly produce the following content types:

Homepage (Brand Entrance)
Landing Pages
Performance Pages
Blog Articles
Guides (Evergreen Content)
Glossary Entries (Evergreen Content)

Traditional ‘getting to know’ pages, such as ‘About Us,’ ‘History,’ etc.
Full Content Hubs
Note: Upon request, we can also provide UX mockups for distinct page types or templates for guidance.

Different content formats are relevant based on the business models


Here are some examples:

B2B: Depending on the project and its goals, we could create:

Performance Pages
Product Pages
Industry Landing Pages
Case Studies
Homepage (Brand Entrance)
Ecommerce: Depending on the project and its goals, we might create:

Online Store Category Pages
Online Store Product Pages
Homepage (Brand Entrance)
What we don’t do:

Podcast Marketing
Video Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Newsletter Marketing
Under the heading: content repurposing.

We create content that genuinely appeals to users. Therefore, it's sensible to repurpose our content across your other marketing channels, gaining added benefits.

Some practical examples include:

Some of our clients utilize the advisory content we create to pre-inform their customers about complex products.
Our clients split content chunks into smaller segments, creating relevant social media posts or newsletters with a link to the website.
Some customers repurpose our ‘how-to’ content as printed inserts accompanying their products (e.g., ‘How to correctly set up your coffee machine’).

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Others use our content as the basis for their own YouTube videos, thereby meeting the search intent, similar to Google search.
Are you prepared to delight your target audience with outstanding website content? Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation meeting – we’re excited about your project!

Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates ongoing content marketing support from continual SEO support? With content marketing support, we emphasize content strategy, creation, design, and management. If further support in SEO, technology, or UX is required, additional packages can be booked, or the support can be expanded.

What are the advantages of demand-driven content marketing? Our company is a prime example. At Evergreen Media, we have no sales team; all inquiries are inbound, and we have a waitlist.

Why is your content pricier than copywriter exchanges? With copywriter exchanges, you can order texts on a specific topic where the requested keywords are included. You order and pay by length. With us, you get search intent optimized content, based on a well-considered overall strategy, which inspires your users and meets the latest SEO standards.

Can you write for our subject matter? In 2022, we successfully created and published content for over 60 distinct industries. Generally, after a certain training period, we can immerse ourselves in any topic, brand, and business model.

Can you deliver high volumes of content? Yes, after a 4 to 6 weeks’ lead time and depending on the workload, we can also deliver large volumes of content.